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About Massmail

Massmail provides a convenient web interface to submit and distribute email to large campus audiences.* Any student, faculty, or staff member of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign can request to send Massmail. This service is provided free of charge by Public Affairs.

The only requirement to create and submit a massmail for approval is a valid NetID account and password (for access to Bluestem servers). Pending approvals from the appropriate office, the Massmail may go out in a timely manner or be scheduled for future release.

*While Massmail is available to most campus users, delivery may not reach all individuals on campus immediately, due to infrequent mail access and individuals who may not have an email address. Massmail is configured to deliver messages to recognized HR classifications (ie. students, staff, or faculty). This ensures reaching a significant portion of campus members, but there are some individual that do not fall into these classifications and may not receive Massmail messages.

For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions.


Messages can be sent to one or more of the following campus audiences:

  • Academic Professionals/Allied Agencies
  • Civil Service Staff
  • Faculty
  • Graduate Students
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Unpaid, Hourly and Extra Help

The approximate count for each of these groups is provided in the Massmail Tool, and is updated regularly from the campus database.

The Approval Process

Each Massmail must be approved by a designated University or campus administrative office before it is sent. These offices have jurisdiction over the Urbana-Champaign campus, or in some cases, the whole University, and can approve a Massmail mailing.

The following administrative offices can approve Massmail messages:

  • Office of the Chancellor
  • Office of the Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Dean of the Graduate College
  • Office of the President
  • Public Safety

The Massmail tool lists the associated approvers with each office, to advise who will be involved in the approval process.

Massmail Alternatives

If your message needs to go to a more defined or specific audience (ie. just first-year undergrads), you may want to consider Email+ for sending bulk emails which works with Group Manager to send out mass mailings to virtually unlimited groups and provides a subscribe/unsubscribe feature as well. Additionally, check the Outreach Vehicles page from the Office of Public Affairs.