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How to Use Massmail

Three Step Process

Massmail messages go through three main steps before delivery: Create and Submit, Approval, and Send:

  1. Create and Submit, the first step, is provided by YOU (the sender).
  2. Approval, the second step, is getting approval from an Approver and confirmation from an Admin.
  3. Distribution, the third step (if approved in step 2), will occur at 1:00 am, a pre-scheduled time, or immediately if so chosen by an Admin.

Step 1: Create and Submit

My Massmail image

Log in to Webtools and select the Massmail WebTool. This a walk-through the Massmail process:

  • The My Massmails tab shows any massmails you have setup and allows you to organize your mailings into folders, edit, copy, delete, view and see who has privileges to your existing messages. It also lists the date and time it was created and sent;
  • The Create tab allows you to create a new message.
    • Once you hit "Create" you'll come to a new set of tabs:
      massmail general tabs

      1. The General tab is where you'll set up the main information about your message:
        • the subject line
        • the sending office or person
        • the from email the message will be coming from (and receive any responses)
        • the HR groups this message will go to
        • any additional emails to recieve the massmail
        • optional options for managing undeliverable messages (specify a different reply-to address)
      2. The Appearance tab is where you'll select the Massmail skin for it's official notice format, and access the online version of your message.
      3. The Message tab is where you'll compose your message. It is strongly recommended that you first compose the message on a word processor with spell-check and grammar-check, then proofread by hand.
      4. The Submit tab reporms multiple functions:
        • send test emails to yourself to check your email. This is a very important step to make sure your message is complete. Don't hesitate to test it several times, sending it to additional viewers for appropriate content and oversight.
        • choose the appropriate office for approval. If you're not sure which office should approve your message, click through the list: the emails of the approvers will appear on the right-hand side and may give you insight into approvers you may be looking for.
        • schedule/send options will determine if the email is sent once approved or scheduled to send at a later date (after approval).
        • hit the 'Submit for Approval' button once you are confident that everything is correct/complete. You'll receive a confirmation email that your submission has been received. If anything has not been completely filled out, you'll see a message in red letters at the top of the page, letting you know what hasn't been completed. Otherwise you'll see the confirmation, in green, that your message has been submitted for approval.

      Step 2: Approval

      After the massmail is submitted, an automated email message is sent to the approvers in the chosen administrative office, notifying them that there is a submission waiting for review. The approvers will go to the Massmail webpage, review the message, accept or reject the request, and optionally provide comments. If you haven't received notice after three business days you may want to contact the chosen administrative office for advice.

      If the mailing is rejected, a email notification will be sent to the person submitting the massmail. This message should contain any comments or concerns provided by the approvers.

      Step 3: Distribution

      If the massmail is approved, a notification email will be sent to the sender and the sending process will begin (scheduling, queuing, or sending).

      Stopping a Distribution can only be done before the email begins to send. To stop a distribution click the "Withdraw from Approval" button on the Submit tab.

      Once a massmail has been confirmed by an Admin, the distribution will take place at approximately 1:00 on the next morning. Admins have the ability to send a massmail immediately. Or massmails may be scheduled for some time in the future.